A Brief Follow-up

Here are just a few things I wanted to follow-up on.

1.  My SPT from from early December showed two empty card ribbons and a bit of anxiety over the lack of holiday mail.  I wanted to show this picture from the day I took the ribbons down...I had to add two extra ribbons before it was all over.  Joy and gladness.


2.  My nephew Luke is doing miraculously well, the last MRI showed no hydrocephalus or permanent damage from the myelomeningocele.  I couldn't resist posting this yummy picture taken before his ride home.  Completely edible.


3.  My girls have the best aunt on the planet.  After seeing the "cucumber post," my sister Emily did "real" facials with the girls on Friday night.  Needless to say, they were thrilled.  It looked so fun, their cousins and even Ethan, decided to get in on the pampering.

uploaded-file-40585 uploaded-file-20556

4.  Apparently I'm not the only one around here that is regretting the end of our hibernation.  Last night as we were tucking in Caleb said, "Mom, I mean I know education is important, but..."  This was his intro to a lament about going back to school.  This was an absolute shock coming from my 4.0 Caleb.  He lives for the 7:18 bus.  On the up side, I didn't shed a single tear when David left for work this morning.  Just turned my cheek for a kiss and tried hard to think about something else.  My kids return to school tomorrow, so Caleb started the campaign for tw0-player Canasta as soon as he saw me up this morning.  I am supposed to be starting a wedding cake for my brother (getting married this Saturday), but perhaps it will wait just one more day.