Things That Slow You Down

1.  Fondant

2.  Fondant



4.  Saying "yes" in September when your brother asks you to make his wedding cake.

5.  Thinking January will never really come.

6.  Dishwashers that stop working two days before the biggest kitchen mess of the year. 

7.  Creating the biggest kitchen mess of the year only three days into the new year.

8.  Square wedding cakes.


9.  The fact that the law of gravity apparently applies to fondant too.

10.  People who want dinner despite  the fact that I cannot see the kitchen floor...or stove...or sink.

11.  Little or no experience with cake of any kind.  (I make pies for birthdays.)

12.  Did I mention this was a wedding cake?

13.  Being lachrymose by nature.

14.  Delusions of grandeur.


15.  Delusions of "good enough."

16. ( *with a whimper*)  fondant