Beauty Routine or Salad Bar Accident?

Last night as we were locking up and turning off lights David said, "Ap, come here.  You've got to see this."

I followed him into the girls' bedroom and found this:


The other day Olivia asked me if I knew what a facial was.  Apparently it's been on her mind.  My favorite part is that she made little holes in the middle of the cucumbers so she could see.  That, and how very wilted the cucumbers are...we had a veggie tray at dinner and she must have surreptitiously taken a couple of extra cucumbers and hidden them away for later.  (Can you just see the wedding video?)

Savannah went for the more traditional (though admittedly less green) method of beauty sleep.


Yes, I am completely in-over-my-head with these two.  Forget about sugar plums, these two slept with visions of their sparkly eyes and radiant beauty melting the hearts of their "true loves."  Oh my.