Word of the Week: Cosset

cosset : /vt./  to treat as a pet, pamper.  coddle.  overindulge.  dote on, cater to.  cuddle.  nurture.

cosset  /vt./  1.  For Christmas (and much to my delight), David cosseted my vain side and gave me a whole bunch of MAC cosmetics.  Of course I had no idea how to use them properly, so I made an appointment for a make-over at Nordstrom's on Friday morning.  David went with me, and explained that he had bought me all this make-up, but had no idea if he had chosen the right things.  Then he had to step away to take a phone call from work. 

After he left, the girl who was doing my make-up asked, "So did you get anything fun for Christmas, besides a whole lot of MAC cosmetics?" and then before I could answer she said, "That was really nice of your friend." 

I thought, "Friend?!"  And then giggled and hooted inside at her assumption.  

David asked me why I didn't just explain.  I told him it would have blown her mind.  Married 12 years, 4 kids, and still don't know how to put on make-up.  She didn't even think I could manage to keep him as a boyfriend...let alone all the rest.   The kind and merciful thing to do was to leave it alone. 

cosset  /vt./  2.   I have been relishing every minute of the last week...with all of us home, together.  And have spent most of the time cosseting my husband and children.   We have spent hours and hours playing "Ticket to Ride" (US and European versions) and "Mexican Train" and "Settlers" and a whole lot of "Canasta."  David and Caleb even got in one long game of "Axis and Allies."  Hibernation is delightful.


cosset  /vt./  3.  I took one small break from all that hibernation to cosset my young women and take them ice skating.  We had a great time playing on the ice...especially once I got my skating legs under me again.  I only had one bad fall and thankfully my knitted beanie cosseted my head and saved me from cracking it wide open.


cosset  /vt./  4.  Real life is going to be a brutal re-entry on Wednesday morning.  I have been completely cosseted this past week and a half...sleeping in, staying up late, pajamas and games all day, everyone home, including David.  Spoiled indeed.  I have been having that melancholy-Sunday-evening-feeling-of-looming-abandonment for the past couple  of days.  Mourning the moving clock and regretting the march of the calendar.  I am definitely dragging my feet and will probably be really and truly grief-stricken by tomorrow evening.