SPT: Getting Carded

This is my first SPT.

A day late and a dollar short, as they say.

For me, Christmas cards are the best part of the holiday season.  I could happily eliminate most everything else...but I LOVE Christmas cards.  Sending and receiving.  And I love the USPS.  They are a wonder and a marvel, and all kinds of joy for only 41 cents.  Amazing.

So here is the basket I have kept our Christmas cards in every year since we've been married.  (My little hoard of love and Christmas cheer.)


But last year, I went to my sister-in-law's house and she had her cards displayed on ribbons...attached with clothespins...right out in the open, so everyone could enjoy them.  Feel the love, people!  


(Sadly, I am as tired as I look.  Can you even tell that I did put make-up on this morning?)

So I copied my s-i-l, Beckie, and hung two ribbons on the walls that lead into my kitchen...I had to take down the family picture that normally hangs here, which my husband will think is absolute blasphemy, but I decided to risk it.  Yep, I'm livin' on the edge.

Now all I need is the cards!  Only one so far...I usually curse the "early birds" with all their organizational skills and well-laid plans, but I'm starting to worry a bit here on December 6th.  Not that I am personally even close to sending my own out...my Christmas letter isn't even out of my head and into the computer yet, not to mention the yearly scrounge through my cupboards and files for the scraps of papers with the correct addresses scribbled on them.   Someday, I am absolutely going to get it together.