52 Blessings: Week 6

Week 6.


Admittedly, I usually see this week's blessing as a curse, but this week I finally "saw the light."  This week I spent a couple of days with Ethan playing in the sun.  We went to the park and laid on a blanket and the weather was incredible.   A few of those perfect kind of days, where the sun is just warm enough to toast your back, but not quite strong enough to make you hot.  We ate lunch together and I pushed my four-year-old on the swing.  He played and I read my book.  We made pillows with our jackets and took a nap.  And it felt so good to be in the sun with this boy, who also is such a light.   I felt embraced by heaven.  Our days of gentle sunshine are numbered around here.  And so are my "empty" and gloriously free days with this boy.   I am so grateful for the days this week when I was able to catch both of them together, and feel, for a moment, blindingly happy.