Ode to My "Baby"

I woke up to this:


(Technically, I went to bed with it like this, but we won't get into that...)

Ethan said,  "How many minutes is it going to take?"

"A lot."

"A hundred?  What comes after a hundred?"

"A hundred and one."

"What's next?"

"A hundred and two."

"Then what?"

"A hundred and three.  A hundred and four.  A hundred and five.  A hundred and six."

And then eyeing the dishes with his raised eyebrows, "Mom, what's the last number?"

Yes, it may take me that long.  I grinned anyway.

Ethan was born six years after Caleb and so I worried about their "connection."  But they have been remarkably good friends given their age difference.  On Sunday, the kids wrote thank-you notes in Primary.  They could choose anyone they wanted to thank.  Caleb wrote this:

Dear Ethan,

I'm thankful for you because you bring a light into my life and make me happy.  I'm glad your my brother. 

Love, Caleb

Oh, yes.  A light.  Caleb has it just right.  And my heart squeezed so hard it hurt.  To have a boy that is indeed a light, and to have a boy that conscientiously and humbly wrote this to his brother. 

And finally, there's this.  Last Saturday afternoon this is how I found my "baby":  gathering more evidence for his case.  He exclaimed, "See, Mom, this is why you should put me in the circus." 


 He doesn't yet know that I will never be able to let him go.