Be Prepared to Covet

And I mean it.

You're going to be all green and drooly after you read this post.  I'm giving you fair warning.

Some of you, with less-charmed lives, may want to stop reading right here.

Two Fridays ago I received this fortune in my fortune cookie:

I was intrigued.

My mailbox has been in a bad cycle of catalogs and grocery store coupons and, of course, the dreaded bills, and so this harbinger of good mail made my heart skip a little.

And then last Thursday, I received a package with this sticker on the outside.

Another harbinger of goodness.

And this is what was inside:

[Prepare yourself for something glorious.  (I know you're already green and drooly that we often have Chinese food on Friday nights and that I got such a fabulous fortune, but we have not even gotten to the good part yet.)]

My reaction was just this:


And then sobbing.

My very good friends, Amy and Kelly, made a book out of my 52 Blessings project from last year.  All that "gold in the sand" captured in a hardbound book for my nightstand.  And it is just as wonderful as it looks.  I cannot imagine the hours of time and creative effort it took to create, and the generosity in the thought of making it in the first place undoes me every time I think of it.  When I imagine them calling each other and making plans to surprise me, I just give up and weep. 

When David saw it, he got me a tissue and then said, "Wow, sweets, your first book.  Can you imagine having a whole shelf of these?"

Which just made me smile and cry all the more.  We sat down and read it together and oohed and aahed over every detail.

Now you might be wondering how you can stop coveting and get yourself some friends like these.

And I would like to tell you that "To have a friend, you have to be a friend."  But that is simply not true.  I have done nothing, ever, to deserve such friends and such kindness.  Really.  (You can read about how even more lucky I am to have them in my life here.)   

Thank you, lambs.