52 Blessings: Week 4

Week 4.

I received a package in the mail on Thursday afternoon.  I opened it to find one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.  A bound book containing my 52 Blessings from last year.  I sobbed, of course.  As I read through my first publishing, I was overwhelmed with feelings of love and joy and gratitude for my blessings, for my life, and for two friends whose love and fidelity I truly do not deserve.  As I held Amy and Kelly's gift in my hands, and turned the pages one at a time, I was reminded of other kindnesses that I had received from their hands.  I moved to Arizona in the midst of my 10th-grade year.  I felt awkward and alone, eating lunch with my younger brother and his friends, since I had none of my own.  The arrival of Amy and Kelly and Tiffany in my life was nothing short of a miraculous tender mercy.  And as I was about to die of loneliness, it is not too much to say they saved me through their friendship.  And they have been giving to me ever since.  Years of giving.  Years of kindness.  The greatest blessing of my week was opening this book, and seeing this result of their love, wondering over their hours of creativity and carefulness on my behalf, and remembering a friendship that has sustained me and blessed my life in every way.  I was so grateful for this gesture of love, for this token of their constant friendship, and for the bonds that have tied us together.  I am certain it was arranged by heaven.  And I could not be more grateful.