52 Blessings: Week 3

Week 3.

[This picture of pondering was taken in the Sacred Grove, in upstate New York, last summer.]

I am convinced about the power in little things, the power of little things to make a big difference.  My blessing came early this week, and by Monday night I had already experienced one of the greatest blessings of my entire year.  Last week we finished reading the Book of Mormon together.  At its conclusion, we talked about Moroni's counsel to pray about what we had read and find out for ourselves if it was true.  We encouraged the children to take Moroni up on his word.  On Monday night, after our simple lesson, David asked the children to share their experiences the previous week in regards to Moroni's promise.  The room filled with the spirit.  Olivia and Caleb, both with tears streaming and smiles beaming, told about how they had each received a witness that the Book of Mormon is true.  In the tenderest testimonies I have ever heard, they spoke of the warmest feelings they had ever felt.  I was more grateful than I can say for the witness of the spirit in our family room that night.  I was more grateful than I can say for the love of a Heavenly Father who cares for his children perfectly, and answers my children's humble prayers.  I was grateful to be a witness to their witness, to be a mother in this moment was a piece of heaven.  And I was also deeply grateful for the power in little things.  For the testimonies that are built, drop by drop, verse by verse, morning after morning, as we gather in a circle and read the word of God.  I'll admit, until this week, I didn't fully realize the miracle of that simple practice.  The greatest blessing of my week was this most sacred moment in the most sacred place on earth, inside the walls of my own home.