The Cruel Hand of Entropy

My old enemy, entropy, reared its ugly head last Thursday night and took out the keyboard on my new laptop.

I know.  David was as aghast as you are.

I talked to the Dell guy in India for a couple of hours on Friday morning.  (The weather in Mohali was lovely and he had no plans for the weekend, by the way.)  And after having me investigate the problem with a screwdriver (!) and carefully talking me through taking my new computer apart...

Me:  I'm a little freaked out.

Dell:  It's okay, ma'am.  Take your time ma'am.

Me:  My husband would die if he could see me now.

Dell:  You're doing fine ma'am.

Me:  There are just certain things that I think should remain a mystery, you know.  Seeing the inside of this just kind of takes some of the magic out of it.

Dell:  Um, yes ma'am.  We do this all the time ma'am. 

...he told me I needed a new keyboard and he would send one right out.  He told me to just put it in exactly like I had just taken the old one out.  I confided that I was a little freaked out.  He said that I would do just fine ma'am. 

David was less sure.  And twice as aghast than he was at the beginning of this post that I was going to be replacing my own keyboard on my own laptop.

I said to have a little faith in me.  At which point he made a little speech out of his eyebrows, but didn't say anything out loud.

My new keyboard arrived early this afternoon.

Ta. da.

Sometimes I even amaze myself.  

And now, speaking of lovely weather and weekend plans and general amazingness, I thought you might want to know that we had a near perfect afternoon on Saturday.  We filled the burley cart with softball equipment, the croquet set, blankets and books and Bohnanza, and a lunch, and rode our bikes over to a nearby park.  The weather was as fine as it gets.  David commented later that the only thing that would have made it more perfect was a pillow.  When we shared our "highs and lows" for the week over Sunday brunch, this lovely afternoon made it onto every one's list.

[When Olivia was asked about her "low" for the week, she said, disgustedly, "Fractions."

And when David tried to probe further, she held up her hand to stop him and said, "Fractions.  Enough said."]