Punctuated with Kisses

(Ya, that's right, I'm posting this picture again.  It's the best kissing picture I've ever taken.  So there.)

This morning David kissed me and I said, "Stop kissing me with punctuation."

To which he said, "What?"

It may be the writer in me overstepping her bounds, but sometimes I can see the punctuation in his kisses.  And this morning it was all periods. 

And I said, "You know what I mean."

And then, because he did know what I meant, he said hopefully, "Was it a comma?  Or an exclamation point?"

And I said, "You know very well it was a period."

And he said, "I think you're wrong."

And then he kissed me some more to prove me wrong and just as the punctuation was starting to turn into an ellipsis, the phone rang.

It was the hospital.  Wondering if they could function without him.  The answer was no.  And just like that my ellipsis turned into a dash.  For later.