The Culmination of "Read Across America Week"

Today is the last day celebrating "Read Across America Week."  To commemorate the day our elementary school lets the kids dress up as their favorite book character and they give prizes for the best likenesses.  My kids look forward to this every year.  I hate most anything to do with costumes, but somehow because it's all about books, I'm a big fan too.  Last year Savannah was Kevin Henkes' "Lily" and I hunted all over town for some red cowboy boots and sparkly green-rimmed glasses.  It's still one of my favorites, but then I have a thing for Lily anyway.  So darling.

Anyway, this year Olivia chose to be Daisy-Head Mayzie from Dr. Seuss...

daisy2.jpg IMG_0886_edited.jpg

And Savannah was Ian Falconer's Olivia...

2008-03-07-1349-45_edited.jpg  IMG_0888_edited.jpg

How'd we do?