Word of the Week: Querulously

querulously: /adv. /  with complaint. grumblingly, huffily or irascibly. peevishly. petulantly. testily.  acting sour, whiny or thin-skinned.

querulously  /adv./  1.  I am sorry to say that I'm even typing querulously tonight.  So those of you who only like really ebullient posts better keep moving.

querulously  /adv./  2.  I honestly thought I could rise above my word this week.  You know, do a whole post about how my kids behaved querulously, how the girl at Bed, Bath and Beyond only querulously let me return some pillowcases even though I had the receipt, but how, despite all that, I was able to maintain my composure and cheerfulness.  This was, unfortunately, not the case.  I am quite huffily sitting here reviewing my week, not sure whether to growl or weep, querulously berating myself for choosing such a stupid word.

querulously  /adv./  3.  I have been sick enough to be miserable all week, but not sick enough to stay in bed.  My husband has been sick this week too.  And by the time he heads for work in the morning he will have been in bed for 31 of the last 38 hours.  When he rose for a moment this evening I querulously asked him, "Shouldn't you be in bed?"  Ah yes, life with me is just heaven on earth.  Don't worry.  As sick as he sounds, he will be at work on time and all day tomorrow.  A miraculous recovery.  (That last sentence is supposed to be read with a querulous grumble.)

querulously  /adv./  4.  After months of querulously noting that my girls' hair just "never looks good," I took them for haircuts on Friday afternoon.  They were thrilled to be at the salon and delighted with the final results as well.  I loved that their haircuts made them look like little girls again, and made me relieved to think that they are still mine for at least a few more years.

 IMG_0895.jpg IMG_0897.jpg IMG_0898.jpg

querulously  /adv./  5.  After picking more weeds on Saturday afternoon, the kids declared they were dying (from the heat) and querulously begged to go swimming.  I repeatedly told them how cold the water would be, but they declared, "We want to be cold."  In the end, I surrendered and took them over to my parents' house for  a dip.  After the first jump in, Ethan told me he almost drowned...that it was so cold he forgot how to swim.  So, I put a life jacket on him, but he didn't go in again.

 IMG_0901.jpg IMG_0902.jpg

querulously /adv./  6.  Two weeks ago I mentioned "a maelstrom" that I couldn't talk about yet.  Well, today my second counselor (in the YW presidency at church) got released to serve as our new Primary president.   For two-and-a-half years she has held me up and sustained me,  and I cannot think how I can do this job without her.  When the responsibilities have been too heavy to carry alone she has truly been the one to lend her shoulder, her hands, her time, her heart, whatever was required.  I shall so miss serving side by side with her, and querulously wonder if I have the energy and stamina to find a new counselor and "keep going."  Clearly, an attitude adjustment may be in order because somehow, I do not think "enduring to the end" was meant to be done querulously.