Exhibit B

You might remember this post.

I know there are bigger issues than this in the world (and even in my own life for that matter), but it's the little things that just seriously drive me nuts.

I would like to enter the following picture into evidence:


This is the state of almost every remote in our house.  Why?  I have no idea.  For some inexplicable reason we cannot have battery covers on the back of our remotes...regardless of what kind of remote it is...we are no respecter of remotes at our house.

This is great because when you actually find the remote, you have the extra fun of digging in the couch cushions or looking under the sofa to try and find the batteries that went in the remote.  Now, that's just good clean fun.  Well, maybe not exactly "clean," but clearly, what could be more fun?

Anyway, we did still have one remote with a working battery cover.  Until this morning.  What the?  It's like it was just sitting there egging my children on with its perfect working order and simple functionality, taunting them with its blatant intactness.  I'm telling you, I spend most of my life working against the eternal and immutable laws of the universe.  One of them apparently regulating the strict segregation of children and remote battery covers.