Exhibit A

When they haul me away in a straight-jacket, you'll know why.  I would like to enter the following picture into evidence:

I vacuumed through the girls room today and found this under their beds.  Please keep in mind that we keep some of our food storage under their beds so there is really only about 6 inches of space to cram things out of sight.  This is what I found in that six inches.


The part of this that makes institutionalization a real possibility is that yesterday we couldn't find the ward phone list.  (Which is absolutely necessary for survival around here.)  I asked David to go look under the girls' beds.  (I know, don't ask.)  He came back and reported that it wasn't there.  Do you see what this means?  Yesterday David looked under these beds and saw all of this stuff and happily left it there.  Arghh!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I beg you.