My Little Sister Turns 26!

Today is my sister Rachel's 26th birthday.  Here is a tribute, by the numbers.

1.  She is my best friend.


2.  She calls me nearly every day.  And always asks, "What can I do to help?"

3.  She means it too.  When I was really sick, pregnant with Ethan, she would come over once a week and help me get into the tub and shampoo my hair and shave my legs for me.  The thought of this still makes me weep.

4.  She makes incredible caramel...and then dips delicious things into it (pretzels and apples) and covers them in chocolate.  It's a gift.

5.  She likes to quilt.


6.  But she's allergic to fabric.

7.  This makes getting dressed difficult.

8.  Her morning ritual (to address the allergy problem) would shock you.  It would be enough to make me stay in bed.

9.  She's also allergic to most everything else.  Including peanuts.  Which she just discovered this year!

10.  She is about to have her third baby.


11.  I knew about this at least 6 weeks before she was ready to tell me.

12.  She does amazing permanent make-up.

13.  She would love to get her hands on my eyebrows, but she has graciously never mentioned it.

14.  She is gorgeous.

15.  She came to visit me once at BYU.  She got hit on several times at our ward dance.  Those RM's were shocked when she told them she was twelve!

16.  She is absolutely brilliant at all things Adobe.


17.  Her husband is 8 years older than her.  And he's a red head.

18.  Neither of which I ever would have predicted.

19.  They have one of the strongest marriages I have ever seen.


20.  She likes to win an argument.

21.  She doesn't cry easily.

22.  She plays the violin.

23.  She is fiercely loyal.   I trust her completely.

24.  Despite trials that would have laid me flat, she is the most optimistic person I know.

25.  The night she was born, I told my Dad to come home and wake me up if it was a girl.  (I had four younger brothers already.)  I remember being so tired when he woke me, but feeling like I had to make a show of my delight, I roused myself and started jumping on the bed.  "I have a sister!  I have a sister!"  And then hoping that was enough, I laid back down and went to sleep. 


26.  This morning I jumped on my bed again in your honor.  I'm so glad you're my sister.

Love you, Rara.