SPT: It's Ornamental, My Dear Lelly

We have an ornament tradition at our house too.  Every year we all get a new ornament to add to the tree.  The tree used to be mostly berries and bows with a few ornaments, but this year we didn't even have room for the bows.  The thing about eating an elephant applies to Christmas trees as well, apparently.  The only sad thing about this tradition is when the process reverses itself and my kids leave our little nest taking their stash of ornaments with them.  I can just picture us twenty years from now tying bows on our empty tree.  Gulp.  Oh, that already hurts.

Here is my SPT for tonight...it took quite a bit of coercion to make this happen.  I will let you imagine the groans.

Whhhyyyyy do we have to do this?

Um...some lady in North Carolina that I've never met would like to see them.


Somehow the explanation died on my lips.  Blogging is a wonder that is sometimes quite unexplainable.

Here are our ornaments from this year.


Can you guess mine?

With a little more "persuasion," I was able to manage this: