Fitting in Colorectal Screening Events

This morning David and I were rehearsing all that we have going on this Saturday...the pine-wood derby (enough all by itself), the YW General Broadcast and dinner for 45 at our house, plus maybe actually mowing the lawn since we're having visitors next week...when David mentioned that he has a big colorectal cancer screening event at the hospital that he has to speak at, etc. on Saturday morning.

[He wants me to mention that if anyone wants a free screening you are welcome to come down to the hospital between 9 and 11.   Oh boy.]

I want off this merry-go-round.

Or maybe just another 24 hours in my Saturday.  But happily, all this talk about our crazy schedule reminded me of one of my favorite bits by Brian Regan.   None of you really have time to watch this, but it certainly made me feel better.