Counting (Impatiently) to Seven










Okay people, just in case you have not made your paper chain...quilt retreat is one week from today.


And gulp.

I wish my house and yard were in better order, and I wish I had something to show at trunk show, but I doubt that any of these wishes are going to come true.  I may have to settle for having clean sheets and towels.  Even that is going to be an accomplishment.

I tried to find my block-of-the-month project to see about burning the midnight oil and finishing it up.  I have a box of "unfinished" projects and it wasn't in there, so I burned most of my midnight oil just tracking it down.  Eventually I did find my crumpled blocks, but never did find the pattern, which makes things significantly more difficult in putting them together.  Well.  At least for me.  My aunt Jill would just whip up something fabulous.

I may seriously have to look into some sort of organizational system.  Either that or rent out somebody else's brain, as mine is seriously on the fritz.

Speaking of things "on the fritz,"  after running 4 batches of laundry my washer became muddled again (I clearly overtaxed it by asking it to wash with "cold") and has decided that it needs me to walk through the cycles with him again.  Perhaps this is why I can't remember anything...I'm too busy trying to remember to go in and trick the washer into rinsing.