*Deep Breath*

Just sitting here, taking a deep breath after a very busy Saturday.

I hosted a dinner for all my young women and their mothers tonight at our house and then we went to the YW General Broadcast together. 


Dinner was delicious...I made Barb's Sweet Pork Taco Salad and both of the trifles posted on Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.  (I prefer the berry one.  But had plenty of both, just to be sure.)

My furniture has been put back and the dishes have been done.  A serious accomplishment.

I still have trifle bowls to return and church chairs stacked high in the garage.  But it is mostly done. 

At dinner I told my girls that this was one of my favorite nights of the year.  And it really is.  I love to feed my girls and then go be (truly) fed together.   Tonight I sat in our chapel with eighteen of my girls and their good mothers and gave thanks for the chance to be there with them.  I thought the broadcast was fantastic, particularly Sister Dalton (who asked, "Do you ever feel like you're on "Heartbreak Hill"? And feel utterly alone even though there are people lining the road?"  Oh yes, oh yes.) and Elder Eyring (who reminded us that even though Satan has marked us as a target, we are watched over and protected by God the Father and Jesus Christ...they know us, know our situation, know what forces surround us.  Oh, I am so glad to know that.)  The music was just incredible and I thought I would about bust when they sang, "I'll never, no never, no never forsake!"

This coming week will be mad with preparations for quilt retreat and house guests, and even tomorrow brings BYC, and a baptism preview and, of course, a camp meeting. 

As I sit here I feel myself quietly sitting "in between."

In between the work I just finished and the work that is coming. 

A momentary lapse in to-do lists.

(Surely this is an oversight that the universe will shortly remedy.)