A Quiet Lull

We are at a lull between conference sessions.  Priesthood session starts in an hour, and David's gone running.  After wearing their jackets (it was cloudy today, never mind that it was 90 degrees or so) and playing outside, the girls are bathed and playing in their room.  Caleb went to a friends' house, and Ethan has crashed in a late nap.  I have half a mind to join him. 

But first just a few thoughts I want to remember from conference today.  (Doesn't it always come just in the nick of time?)

1.  I liked (very much) the idea of a simplified life.  (Could I recreate Walden pond here at home, minus the water?)

2.  Have more hope.  Have more faith.  Be believing.  (Why can't I remember this?)

3.  Expect help from heaven and Be more angelic.  (If I could only change one thing, it would be this.)

4.  Becoming like Christ is different than anything else we try to accomplish because He is the one making it possible.  (Turns out I don't have to pick just one...I could change everything.)

5.  He always grants forgiveness.  (Ask already.)

6.  While my challenges are real, my faith and trust can be stronger.  (And I need to laugh more.)

This afternoon David pointed out that next year at this time, Caleb will be going with him to priesthood session.  This came as such a surprise, that I realized that I never had any real expectation that my boy would actually grow up.  Well.  There you go.  It is past time to start putting some of these ideas into real practice, my time is short.  Anytime now would be a good time to start being angelic.