It Adds Up

Savannah came home with an assignment to count all the books in her house.

She was overwhelmed by this and just that made me smile.

I helped her count.  And solved the little question David asked last night at our budget meeting: "Where does all our money go?"  Apparently, Barnes and Noble has most of it

Here are the books in our house, by the numbers:

1,088  total

(though this does not include phone books, cookbooks, music books, quilting books, or dictionaries.)

837 children's books

140 of those just in Caleb's room

I told you I had a thing for words.

I'm not sure if I should be delighted or embarrassed.

But in my defense, Ethan and I did hit the library earlier this afternoon where he checked out an armful of Halloween books and I checked out The Westing Game to read aloud in the evenings.  So I don't actually buy everything I read.

Caleb just read the numbers in this post, patted me on the shoulder, and said, "That's cool."

I am inclined to agree.