Last week at family home evening, Ethan gave the lesson.  It was about serving in the right way.  I helped him share President Eyring's story from the October Friend, a story that made me teary.

And then Ethan had everyone take a card and write something they could do during the week to serve someone else.

This morning as I was straightening the girls' room, I found Savannah's card under her pillow.  There was a list of things to do for every one of us.  But I was especially touched by what she had written next to Caleb's name:

Caleb: Give him faith for tests.

I felt twice blessed.  One for finding this earnest note, and two, for having such a girl.  I so appreciate her tender heart and her faith.  And I am inclined to ask her to add my name to that list of people who need faith for tests.