Quilt Market Day 2/3: It's All a (Gorgeous) Blur

I could write a hundred posts about Quilt Market.

Here are a few in my head:

"There's No Accounting For People's Taste"  (or "Things I Almost Wish I Hadn't Seen")

"So Cute I Could Die"

"My Life as a Glue Salesman"

"How to Make John from E. E. Schenck Deliriously Happy"

"All This AND a Fashion Show"

"I Have the World's Best Husband, So There"

"Quilt Market Survival Guide:  Pack Sandwiches Rather Than Clothes"

"Drooling My Way Through the Fabric Booths"


Well, you get the idea.  It is just quite the experience.

I'm going to post a few pictures and maybe a few words, but first a note about my one and only.

Let me just say this:

Last night David took the kids and their friends to the drive-in movie to see High School Musical 3.  I know.  He's a peach.  And then when they got home (late!), he had the girls bathe and then he put their hair in curlers (since the next day was Sunday).  Savannah (overcome by exhaustion) thought they should have been rolled tighter and yanked them all out before finally crashing into bed.  So this morning, David rerolled her hair in hot rollers.  And this is the man I am married to.  It is ridiculous how undeserving I am to have such a husband.  I cannot wait to get my hands on him again.

Okay, enough steamy thoughts.  Back to the convention center:

Another shot of our darling booth.  We opened an old-fashioned sweet shop for market this year...I told Jill that I could be the "eye candy." 

We are here selling Jill's amazing patterns and her new applique glue, which really just sell themselves.   I bet you had no idea I could sell glue.  And how. 

Here's a shot of Jill's sweet treats...yummy little pincushions that draw everyone to our booth...

Here's a picture of her sales pitch...I told her she might want to tone it down, so she took the dance number out.

This is John from E.E. Schenck.  I have never seen a man so excited about applique glue in my whole life.  This trip was worth it just for the look of delight on his face.  Could he be any cuter?  His look of delight was only matched by Jill's after he placed his first order. 

And at the end of the day we went to the Bernina Fashion Show, which was so much fun.  I asked some ladies to take our picture and they asked us how we could be so cute.  I told them it's a gift.  Well, it is.

I'll post more later.  These pictures are taking forever to resize and the other people in the hotel lobby are starting to clear their throats for their turn on the computer.

We are feeling tired, and happy, and blessed here in Houston.