Quilt Market Day 1: Something Out of Nothing

This is mostly for our men, who think we've fallen into some sort of quilting black hole (post some pictures, please...we have no idea why we've been abandoned and we need evidence, etc.).

But my two booth mates want me to come (right now!) and help prep applique leaves..."Make it short and sweet, " they said. "Just post the pictures." They don't know that the words are the easy part...it's the pictures that take forever.

Quilt Market is, well, remarkable. In just about every way.

Anyway, here's a picture story of our adventure in Houston:

After landing,

and car renting,

and garmining our way across the city,

we went to Hobby Lobby were they told us to have "a blessed day" when they checked us out.  (We're in Texas now people.)

Then a little more garmining to find (my lovely and talented aunt) Jill at a completely different airport.

Then a trip to Home Depot, where this man laughed at us for calling this a hack saw and trying to cut steel pipe with it.

You know he was wondering what three completely clueless women were going to do with 60 feet of electrical conduit.

When you go to Quilt Market with your lovely and talented aunt, I recommend packing a couple of extra sandwiches, because there is very little time to eat. We finally stopped for a sandwich at three in the afternoon, which was about 12 hours after I had been up. My blood sugar was a little offended...

 Everywhere we stopped we just kept putting more and more stuff into the car...evenutally I lost my seat.  But luckily I am "young and lithe."  (They disolved into laughter when I announced this out loud.  What's so funny?) 

 When we finally made it to the convention center, the first thing to do was lay the floor. Check out these darling tiles that I expertly layed. Seriously fine job, no?  I know.

There was all kinds of goofing off and redoing and rethinking and undoing, and load of duct tape and a little jerryrigging and then there was this...

(prepare yourself for something darling)

And then it was late and we were starving again.  So we headed for the car, which was almost hauled off by teamsters who were not pleased by the lateness of the hour. 

If you ask me, the chupacabra has nothing on a tired teamster.

There's more of course.  I haven't even gotten to "Sample Spree."  That's a post in itself.  And it will wait until tomorrow or so. 

My lithe body needs some rest. 

The end.