The Unexpected Dangers of Texas

I'm headed to Houston for Quilt Market.

My aunt Jill has a booth there and needs help.  So my mom and I are headed to Texas (very) early in the morning to lend our hands. 

When I told the kids at dinner on Monday, Olivia said seriously, "Beware the chupacabras."

The whole table went quiet for a moment.

I thanked her for the tip.

Caleb rolled his eyes. 

Savannah looked aghast at the thought of this creature roaming free all over Texas.  And only slightly more aghast when she realized I wouldn't be here to "do her hair."

And bless David for not even blinking an eye at my being gone for five days.  A husband like this is more mythical than the chupacabra.

Today Ethan made a list of all the things David can cook.  It included mashed potatoes and carrots and popcorn.  There was a question mark about asparagus and gravy, though. 

Can't wait to get home to you, darlings.