Budget Be Damned

Okay, after this I'm seriously going to turn off my computer.

I'm headed to Houston on Friday (though it's so early on Friday it's practically Thursday) and I have a million and a half things to do by then, only one of which includes prepping 200 or so leaves for appliqueing.

But when I have lots to do,

sometimes I surf the web. 

(Don't tell David.)

Anyway, in an effort to be a team player (on our budget) I have not been to the fabric store in QUITE SOME TIME. 

And so I don't know how long this has been out there, but this morning I found this *new* Alexander Henry fabric

and I'm wondering

a.  could anything be cuter?

b.  what can I make my girls for Christmas using this darling "starling" fabric?

c.  could "darling starling" be my new catch phrase?

d.  is Alexander Henry a real person and, if so, why did he get his brain that can design this, and I get my brain that can only have arguments with itself?

e.  where's my wallet?

f.  will David notice if there is a large chunk of change missing before I leave town?  I clearly need enough to roll around in. 

g.  do you go all melty and gooey when you look at it too?