Quilt Market: Sewing Up the Loose Ends

I'm home. Worn out, but happy and satisfied with our work in Houston.

And then there was catch-up and clean-up and all that. But before I go to bed, I want to just wrap-up the rest of our trip. Halloween is coming and I need to get a few of these thoughts off my mind before the holiday festivities begin in earnest. (Incidentally, I consider Halloween a *minor* holiday, for those of you keeping track.)

So what first?

First of all, the appli-glue sold like mad. Jill ended up with four distributors and sold 2000 bottles, with possibilities of more distribution in Korea and Italy. It was incredible. On top of all that she got picked up to design a fabric line (it's darling, of course) and some quilts for a few magazines. It seemed like every possible good thing happened for her. We definitely felt the hand of heaven in Houston.

This is just a quick picture of a sample of the applique we demonstrated the glue with. 

Okay, now a few pictures and commentary. These are just images in my camera that I had to capture and share, in no particular order.

The International Quilt Market is huge. I mean really huge. There were over 2200 exhibitors. I spent an hour one morning trying to see the rest of the booths. I started and 100 and made it to 400 before I ran out of time and money. There was just so much to see (and buy). We were in a perfect booth, at the corner of isle 1200 and the main walkway. Another heaven-sent blessing, I think.

The first night, after set-up, we went upstairs for "Sample Spree," which is mostly a preview of the new fabric lines and other samples from market, and is just packed with crazy women elbowing for fabric. We got there late, long after Moda had sold out of all their fabric, but I found some great fabric by Lecien that makes me giddy when I look at it. I wanted to buy a box of these just because they were so gorgeous, but I took a picture instead. I hope David is delighted by this.

International Quilt Market is full of *quilting stars* and here is one of them...Mark Lipinski. He was signing autographs and I asked him for a picture instead. He happily obliged. He is (happily) the most irreverent quilter you will meet.

There was a Japanese company with an amazing booth, and here is one of their displays...all of it made from felt. I know. I spent a bit of money here, even though the patterns are written in Japanese. I couldn't help myself. Plus, I know a couple of girls who know Japanese. If all goes as planned, you will see these beauties again in December...I have delicious plans for a few homemade Christmas gifts.


One night we were walking back to the car and saw this Moda crate.  It was just one of those things I thought was so cool to see.

Okay, now just a few pictures of things *on my list*: things I just really wanted to make sure I saw while I was there. This is the evidence:

The Alexander Henry booth.

The Moda booth was so big I didn't know what to take a picture of, so I ended up with this.  Enough said.


The Amy Butler booth.

The Gammill booth...I got four of them in one shot.

Quilt Market ended on Monday afternoon at 4 and then we had the job of taking everything down.  Incidentally, the floor was easier to lay than it was to pull up, but eventually we had everything packed up, ready to head for home.  We had a fit of laughter when we saw these piled up in the hotel lobby.  Of course, we were sleep deprived, but still.  It was hilarious.

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.