Wool Gathering

Here is my latest obsession:  all things wool.  Yes, I know that it is still 90-freaking degrees outside, but still...there it is.  I love the texture, the colors, the combination of humble simplicity and subtle extravagance.   I found this gorgeous pile at Zoe's in August and have been dying to create something lovely out of it. 


I started with a table runner that was inspired by a much smaller piece I saw at a shop in Utah when I went to Quilt Retreat.  I am totally thrilled with the final result.  I love the colors, the scalloped edge of the runner,  and the little-bit retro look of the circles. 

I just used a buttonhole stitch around all the circles...I didn't do the edge of the runner...I'm not sure how much the wool will fray, but I guess time will tell.

A view from my table...


About the close up...I didn't worry about the circles being perfect or the stitches being perfectly spaced and I think this adds to the charm...at least, this is what I tell myself.

Once I got wooling, I just couldn't stop.  I redid my applique wall to look a little more "autumnish," and to keep my family on their toes.  (It actually took them a few days to notice.  Subtlety is my specialty.)  After the question, "Did you notice anything different?" was answered by, "Did you cut your hair?" I gave up and just pointed it out.  Check out the before and after...I love, love, love the black wool backgrounds...yum!








Again, just wool with a buttonhole stitch...no pattern either, I decided I could make pumpkin shapes all by myself.  About a million times easier than the original applique which only took me about 7 years to complete (seriously)...the wool project, about 7 hours.  Makes me happy just thinking about it.