52 Blessings: Week 48

Week 48.


(This is not the actual "blessing list."  I took this picture a week or two ago because of the position of milk and honey that somebody added to the list.  I smiled to have them there so close together.)

Of all my homemaking chores, I dislike grocery shopping the most.  Well, except for maybe windows.  But it's still up there.  I often have nightmares about trying to grocery shop and remember lists and think up menus and get out of the store in time to meet Ethan's bus...terrifying, I know.  (There is no end to my "crazy.")  So the Thanksgiving shopping trip is one of the more daunting tasks of the year.  Usually it involves two carts.  Enough said.  David, knowing the heaviness of the task, volunteered on Tuesday night to do it for me.  Just like that.  I protested.  "I'll have to make a list."  He said, "Okay."  And went for paper and pencil.  I protested more.  "I'll just do it tomorrow...you won't know what I usually buy."  He looked at me then as if to say, "I've been married to you for a while now.  I think I can handle it."  I gave in and made the list.  And an hour and a half later, the job was done and put away.  Just like that.  Easily the greatest blessing of my week...compassion and a gift of service tailor-made just for me.  I was so grateful, and a bit teary, the next morning when I opened the door of my full refrigerator.  I was sustained this week by that food in more ways than one.