52 Blessings: Week 49

Week 49.

This week Caleb had his aerospace challenge all day on Tuesday.  I was nervous for him.  His group had 10 separate groups of judges who each came to ask about a different aspect of the project.  After months of work, he had spent the last week or so memorizing the area, oxygen needs, water needs, and waste recycling processes of his hypothetical space station.  As I was taking this picture, I thought the greatest blessing of my week would be this moment, as I saw him carefully and earnestly explaining the irrigation needs of the 600 square meter greenhouse, and the estimated amount of oxygen one leaf can produce every hour.  But then today at church in testimony meeting, he walked purposefully to the stand and poured his heart out about how much his parents are a blessing in his life, how he knows they will help him with whatever he needs, and even counseled the other children in the congregation to be grateful for their good parents.  David grinned over at me.  I just swallowed hard.  And wiped my eyes.  And thanked heaven for this good and righteous boy, who tries to be as obedient and faithful in everything as Caleb of old.  I am more grateful than I can say for this experience I had with my boy, to be his coach, to be his mother, and to be a witness to his goodness.