Later That Same Year...


So, how did the election turn out?

Seriously, though.  How does two months go by and I not even notice?  I am too busy by half.  Wait.  That doesn't even make sense.


Just be happy that you don't have to look at Mr. Romney anymore.

It occurred to me last night as I was drifting off that I had just sent out my Christmas cards with my blog address at the bottom and that our friends all over the world were possibly going to click on to see more of my cleverness only to find the election was still going on.

Sort of like salt in the wound.

So I thought I'd better post.

Olivia and Ethan are on their way home.  I just heard the garage door.  It's a half day and our holiday is about to officially commence.  Caleb and Savannah of course go to real school and won't be home until after three and then party will really get going.  I can hardly believe we made it throught the semester.  The blessing of this tender mercy has been on the minds and lips of every prayer in our house the last few days.  We made it.  Thank you.

Now we have big plans for late nights and later mornings, puzzles and games, and kissing in the middle of the day.

Nothing could be better.

Merry Christmas.