If You Think That's Bad

Some of you have been waiting for a new post

(imagine my chagrin)

but I have been too busy sitting impatiently at urgent care and peeing in cups and feeling absolutely miserable 

(imagine my consternation)

to want to write anything

(imagine David's surprise).

But if you think you've been put out, imagine the people around here waiting for clean underwear or something besides cold cereal for breakfast.

Yesterday I had the thought that I am too busy.  This occurred to me when I was supposed to be in four places at once and only wanted to be in bed.  Not even a super-apron can fix that.

And then I had it again this morning when I was madly and simultaneously trying to give out lunch money and sign permission forms and comb Olivia's hair, and nearly took out Ethan's left eye.  I said, "Let's do something fun this afternoon."  (Everyone is out early today.)  But Caleb said, "What about MYPO?" and Savannah said, "I have achievement days" and I sighed and wondered how far away our summer vacation is.  Too far, apparently. 

I wish there was an antibiotic for zerrissenheit.

(imagine if I just said "no.")