We were reading Isaiah's poetry this morning at scripture study.  And this line stuck out at me:

"And I did it because I knew that thou art obstinate, (who, me?)

and thy neck is an iron sinew,

and thy brow brass;"

Let's be honest.  Isaiah is just plain brilliant.

And just as I was repenting of my brass brow and stiff neck, I got a call from David telling me he had just admitted himself to the emergency room.

I arrived to find him hooked up to the EKG machine. 

Which would soften anyone's iron sinew.

They did some blood work, and an ultrasound, and took his blood pressure.  They could find nothing wrong, which was horribly embarrassing to him and a glorious relief to me.  He kissed me hard and went to his next meeting.

I told him I loved him.  And vowed inside to soften my neck and my heart, for real this time. 

It is very tiresome living with regret.