Water and the Holy Ghost

I love being a mother.

I love days like this.  Touchstones.  Joyful, happy, eternal, real.

The third of my four children was baptized on Saturday.  And as happy as this makes me, it also makes me slightly achy inside.  Because amidst all the joy at Savannah's growth and her willingness to follow her Savior, there is a part of me that sees just how fast this is going.  And I am simply unprepared.

There was this day...

and then suddenly Saturday was here, and I was painting her toenails (a French manicure for my girl who dreams of Paris) for her baptism day. 

Ethan asked me the other day, "Is Savannah going to be baptized in the River Jordan?"

She was baptized by David and I am always struck by how powerful and magnificent he is when he is exercising his priesthood.  As he said the prayer, I was reminded again.

My favorite pictures are not on film...her bare feet padding down the hall with David, her dress billowing around her waist as she walked into the water, her wrist in David's hand, her joyful, surprised face as I met her walking out of the font, her dripping dress hanging in the bathroom, the back of her neck as I wrapped her wet hair into a brown, velvet ribbon for her confirmation.

One of my favorite parts was during her confirmation to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  David blessed her to always remember her middle name, that His grace is the greatest blessing of her life. (You can read about my most favorite part here.)

We felt so blessed to have most of our "Arizona" family there and lots of really kind friends from church came to support and congratulate her.  Quite a few of Savannah's friends came to see her baptism too, and we had a little party afterwards at my parents' house and the kids swam.  I put quite a bit of effort into the dinner...ordered a giant sub, and bought fruit and veggies and cake at Costco.  I did make a couple of dips for the fruit and chips, so that's something, I guess.

Last night at Family Home Evening, Savannah gave the lesson.  She talked about the covenants that she made at baptism and then talked especially about her promise to "take His name upon her."  She shared what that meant to her and how we had recently read about the "new law" that was given by Jesus to "turn your cheek."  It was such a sweet lesson and David and I were both touched by her testimony of the covenants she made on Saturday. 

And just like that, she was all grown up.