Belated Birthday Wishes

I know that most have you have been following Kelly's moving saga like me, with admiration and a bit of cringing for all the unexpected "kumquats" she's been gracefully marmalading.

But there is something fabulous that has come because of all of it...she is back with us.  And we celebrated her birthday together last Friday, something I never could have predicted in January, or even May, and something that feels so close to "living on the same street" that I feel giddy. 

Here's the play by play:

We went to dinner at Bloom in Scottsdale, a brilliant choice by Amy.  The decor was divine,

the food was delish (Amy had the salmon, Kel the chicken and fingerling potatoes, and I had the scallops and "forbidden" rice),

and we all commented that we had never had a bottle of anything chilling by our table, nevermind that it was just water.

After a long dinner, lots of delicious conversation, and a (dark) picture (Kelly taught me how to turn off my flash...just a moment too soon perhaps),

we headed towards Scottsdale Fashion Square for either a movie or window shopping.  We briefly contemplated seeing "my dirty little French film" (as Amy called it), but Kelly reminded us that she doesn't like suspense (perhaps why waiting for the moving truck has been so trying).  Note that neither of them objected to the nudity.  There are so many reasons we are friends.

We window shopped our way through the shoe department at Dillard's,

[Psst....If my husband is reading this, I'm in love, love, love with these shoes.]

stopped briefly by the Clinique counter so Amy could buy mascara, and then headed out into the mall.  We considered stopping at the MAC store so Kelly could have another make-over, but apparently she didn't want to be orange on her birthday and wasn't taking any chances.  Wise in her old age, no?

We all felt ancient at 34 when we saw what "the kids" are wearing (or not wearing) these days.

We went to Claire's and I bought some sparkly things for Savannah's hair (Amy convinced me by saying, "You can always use sparkly things."  Indeed.)  While there, we found a crown for Kelly

and a curly, golden-brown, hair piece.  It might have been the forbidden rice talking, but we quite liked the color and talked her into buying it.  She is now armed with a cartoon picture and a plastic hair piece to take to her next hair appointment.  Why don't I have a picture of this??

We had to walk back through Dillard's on our way to the car and that is when I found the cutest shoes ever (we all tried them on) in "graphite" (could there be a more lovely color?)

and my window shopping suddenly turned into actual shopping.  We almost talked Kelly into buying some leopard shoes to go with her new hair.  Again, why don't I have any pictures of this??

I thought later that night, that we had probably celebrated Kelly's 17th birthday similar to this one (minus the $80 shoes and the discussions of our kids' music lessons) and here we are 17 years later, reunited.  Lucky us. 

And we missed you Tiff.

Happy Birthday, Kel.  I can hardly stand how happy I was celebrating it with you.  I am hoping you slept the first night of your 35th year in your own bed.  How very glad I am that you are right down the street again.