Eight Reasons to Celebrate Savannah

Savannah turned eight just after midnight early this morning.  In her honor here are eight things I love about her:

1.  Savannah is a huge Jane Austen fan and even at her young age has learned to appreciate the charms of Mr. Darcy.  Whenever she has a "sick day" we pull out Pride and Prejudice and escape into the Bennett house together.  Once, when she was six, she leaned over to me in church and pointing at one of the priests at the sacrament table, whispered, "Mom, that boy looks just like Mr. Darcy."  I nudge her every time we see him now.

2.  Of all my children, Savannah likes to sleep-in the most.  This is something I dearly love about her.  She is also the one most (emotionally) affected by lack of sleep.  This is something I completely understand about her.

3.  She loves tic-tacs.  Given her choice in the candy isle, she will pick these or Junior Mints every time.  She is crazy about the new Cherry and Passion Fruit tic-tac combo.

4.  Savannah was the first child we had that looked like me.  And, bless her heart, she doesn't seem to mind when people point out that she looks "just like her mother."

5.  I have had to apologize to Savannah more than any of my other children, and maybe even more than all of them combined.  She has a tender heart and has taught me more about being kind than any one else in my life.  I've even had to drive to school on a number of occasions and ask her for forgiveness.  She always graciously grants it. 

6.  She is a fabulous dresser and has excellent, sometimes eclectic, taste in fashion.  She combines things in a way I would never think of and always looks darling.  I consider this a real gift (David buys most of my clothes) and I'm always asking her, "What do you think of this?" when we're out shopping.  I trust her fashion instincts implicitly.

7.  She has a constantly itchy back and loves to have her back scratched every day.  She comes and sits right next to me and doesn't say a word, just kind of bends her neck and I know what she wants.  She loves to be touched and turns to putty if you rub her shoulders, scratch her back, or massage her head.  I have used this technique on many occasions to diffuse a tense situation.

8.  She started a tumbling class this fall (after at least a year of asking) and I have never seen such a smile on her face.  She loves it, counts the days til her next class, and you can see her glowing all the way across the gym.  I'm so glad she wore me down.

After a very difficult pregnancy, a 24-hour labor and delivery, and a few very painful days of a complicated recovery, I insisted that we make her middle name "Grace," since I was sure that I had only survived it all through the grace of God.  Savannah continues to live up her name and reminds me each day about the need for true grace as I muddle my way through motherhood.  I love her dearly.  Happy Birthday, baby girl.