SPT: Emblem of the Land I Love

This is an SPT on the run.

I've got Girls' Camp in the morning, it's already late, I'm more tired than I should be at this hour, and I still need to pack.

But I did finish 20 pillowcases for my young women...emblem of the land (and the girls) I love.


Our theme this year is "Steadfast and Immovable" and each ward has been assigned a "superhero."  We drew Captain America, and while I never did find any fabric with a large blue man with a target on his chest, I did find this really cute red, white, and blue star fabric, and went with that.


Please just try to ignore the fact that I haven't showered in two days.  Why am I always madly rushing at the end?  Someday, someday, I'm going to pull it together.

It did occur to me as I was standing in line at Target at 8:30 at night, gathering up the rest of the things I forgot, that this could also be the "emblem of the land I love" since, other than my house,  I spend more time in this square footage than just about anywhere else.


So I'm off.  (Ready or not.)

I had someone come fix my dishwasher today since I knew if I didn't the dishes would be insurmountable by the time I returned home on Saturday.

The guy said it was fine.  Nothing wrong.  That'll be $55.

That's exactly how my life is going.

He tentatively said, "I'll just write that you 'used old soap' on the invoice."  I guess his only other option was to write "Crazy lady" and he was trying to spare me the embarrassment.

RIM was rolling her eyes the whole time.  CIM was desperately wishing she had pulled out the camera on Sunday afternoon when she was wading through the kitchen.

Hey, I know the truth.  And I'm utterly fine with the insanity plea.