My (Third) Favorite Gemini

There are two Geminis at my house.

But before these two entered my life, there was Amy.

In her birthday post she reminisced about who she was at different ages in her life.  I would like to add just a couple, though I'm not nearly as poetic as she is.


She is

still the 17-year-old who didn't want to go to the dance,  

but graciously conceded when we begged her

(we didn't have the guts to do it without her and couldn't bear the embarrassment alone)

[and p.s. I really wish she had persuaded us!  Apparently Tiff was the only one with any sense,            but of course we always knew that.]


She is

still the 17-year old who always looked entirely too regal to ever be a teenager

(I think this is due to her astoundingly gorgeous cheekbones)


She is

still one of the 17-year-olds who saved me from myself

and from complete and utter loneliness in Coach Parker's AP History Class 

and a thousand other times after that.   

(Her friendship is one of the most tender mercies of my life.)


Happy Birthday, Mems.