Where I've Been

David called me tonight and after he informed me he would be working late (big surprise), he asked why I hadn't blogged since my return from Girls' Camp. 

[He has started relying on my blog to know what I'm thinking...his little window into "my crazy"...and he likes to stay updated.]

I told him (not really very nicely) that if he needed me to blog, then I was going to need a little domestic help. 

Yes Tiff, the post-trip piles have gotten the best of me.

And the worst part is that people here were making piles for me to come home to as well.

But tonight I finally got the bathrooms finished and whittled the laundry down to one final load (not including the three more that need to be folded) and somehow this has made enough space in my brain for blogging.

Plus, I'm tired.  My sister asked me if I was depressed.  No, just tired.  My mom said it was probably "low iron."  I live my whole life on "low iron."  No, I'm just tired.  Four days of hard labor and emotional exhaustion catching up with me.  Recovery has been slow.