SPT{W, really}: Twilight's Last Gleaming

Okay, this picture is so bad, I have no business publishing it to the world.

But, it also captures a moment in time, [a slice of my life] and I couldn't bear not to document it.


The end of a busy summer day.

I was going to make BLT's for dinner...but because of the salmonella/tomato scare across the country right now, I had no T's for my BLT's. 

But my parents provided these beauties from their little garden...and they were certainly *gleaming* to me.  Ripe, red, juicy, and right off their vines.

We eat late in the summer...it's already past 7:30 in this picture, just picking my girls up from dance and heading home to make dinner and watch The Mole together.  A perfect summer night. 

And the BLT's were incredible.  Homemade bread and homegrown tomatoes.  Watermelon.  Ah, summer.