On Wednesday night we had David's brother, Greg, and his wife, Becca, come for a short spring break visit.  Thursday morning Greg went to the hospital to find out more about what it is that David actually does at work every day.  (He received a tour of the hospital at no extra charge.  Shocking, no?)

Anyway, Ethan and I had the pleasure of entertaining Becca for the morning, and wanted to go down to the Phoenix Art Musuem to see their Monet, Matisse & More exhibit, but thought it might take most of the day, so we opted for the children's museum right nearby.  They are having two very fun exhibits: one on the making of a book from start to finish (love that!) and the other called "Table Manners" which explored food and tables and dishes and utensils of every sort.  Both fabulous exhibit ideas, I say.


I love this picture.  I need to do more of this.  We're doing Matisse next week for sure.

The exhibit included lots of hands-on activities.  We designed our own china, created still-lifes, learned napkin folding, set tables, and even practiced our chopsticks at the Japanese table.  (We got to sit on the floor and practice picking up plastic sushi.  So fun.)


Ethan added a little silliness to his still life.


And hogged most of the sushi at our table.

This was one of my favorite pictures from the exhibit:


Ethan spent quite a bit of time looking at it.  It was called "Kitchen Contemplation."  I asked Ethan what he thought the woman was thinking about.  He said she was thinking, "How am I going to get these birds out of here?"  I thought she was most certaining thinking, "What in the world should I make for dinner?" 

(When Savannah saw it later she said she must be thinking, "More cleaning, less parrots!")

Fabulous.  I must leave my house more.