Is This Thing On?

I was reminded last night of that old song Mr. Rogers used to sing, "There Are Many Ways to Say I Love You."  Most of the time I don't think my family has any idea what I'm trying to say, but for the record, what I'm trying to say is "I love you.  Desperately.  Truly.  As deep as I go."

Yesterday was Super Tuesday.  I even heard some commentators refer to it as "Super Duper Tuesday" which made me giggle.  This was a big deal for David.  So here is the baking way to say "I love you.  Madly."

IMG_0701.jpg IMG_0702.jpg 

I hope he heard me.  (Especially since the Grand Old Party certainly didn't.)

And here is the great literaturing way to say "I love you.  Wildly."


Olivia is deep in the Little House series.  She recently mentioned with a sigh, "I wish my name was Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Isn't that such a great name?  It's soooo romantic.  Laura. Ingalls. Wilder.  Ohhh."  Anyway, she had finished the Big Woods book and needed Little House on the Prairie, but the school library only had By the Shores of Silver Lake.  Being in love and undeterred, she started reading it anyway, not caring that it was out-of-order.  Then she said, "Who's Grace?"  Well, this will never do.  I didn't want her to miss the whole experience.  On Monday after I dropped her at ballet, I ran to a used bookstore and found a copy of the book she needed.  I left it on her bed.  She was almost delirious with delight.  I received a rib-cracking hug and an "Oh, Mom.  I love you."

I love you too.  Did you hear that?