The Good Kind of "Listless"

Things have been a bit crazy around here...what with the lists and the Christmasing in full-swing.  My kids and husband have been home for a couple of days and so I've been trying to finish my list on the sly. 

But I finally laid the list to rest last night.  Finished the grocery shopping and the Christmas shopping, the mailing (!), the annual service project, the wrapping (mostly!), the hand-made gifts, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and all the rest.   I even made gingerbread twice this year...a first for me...I just pulled the last little men from my oven.

Deep breath.

I'm tired.  And at last, "listless."

Today we played monopoly.  I don't know if I've ever finished a whole game of monopoly, but today we did.  I had Park Place and Boardwalk, but I still went bankrupt.   Sounds about right. 

We took the kids to a movie, and then went and saw the lights at the temple.

IMG_0382_edited.jpg IMG_0383_edited.jpg

Made me wonder why I think so much of lists in the first place.