SPT: All Snug In Their Beds

Well, I wish I was snug in my bed, but we're a week away, people!

So this is what I'm doing tonight...a few scrapbook pages for my parents-in-law. 

This is not a fun thing for me.  I'm not good at it.  Scrapbook stores cause mild anxiety attacks for me...all those cutesy little things in packages from floor to ceiling and I start having heart palpitations...and not the good kind.  But, under duress, I went to my local scrapbook store today and said, "Do you have any pre-made pages where I could just stick the photos on?"  The girl looked at me like I had used the Lord's name in vain.

This is how much I love my in-laws.  True love.  9:34 at night and I am putting glue dots on matching paper and adding color coordinated "brads."  Almost enough to push me over the edge.  The only saving grace:  the salesgirl said, "We have some velvet ric-rac that might look nice."  Well ric-rac I can definitely get excited about...and velvet!...lead the way.


The clock may say nine-thirty, but look at my eyes...they tell a completely different story.  Like I said, true love.