52 Blessings: Week 34

Week 34.

Each one of my children ride the bus to and from school, and even though David thinks this is the height of childhood tragedy, I am immensely grateful for the beautiful, yellow buses that shuttle my children to and from school every single day.  Caleb is over 7 miles (and 40 minutes roundtrip) from his school, and my other kids are across a very busy street from their school, which I would have to drive them across without the blessing of the bus.  I am so grateful for these bus drivers who know my children's names and show up every day to drive them across the street or clear across town.  Returning to school makes me weary in so many ways, and this week I am so grateful for the bus, which makes this part of my life just a little bit easier.  Most mornings it feels like the kindest gesture anyone could do.