52 Blessings: Week 8

Week 8.   (A few days late...I had to track down my husband.)


David knows me.  Occasionally, in the middle of a maelstrom, I will say something stupid and ridiculous that sounds like, "You don't understand me at all."  But the truth is, he understands me better than anyone and even better than myself sometimes.  This week  I had to give a talk for a Relief Society mini-conference and David, disregarding his embarrassment about being the only man in the place and his lack of shirt and tie, snuck in the church and sat in the foyer to hear it.  I am so grateful for his eavesdropping, but most especially for the thought behind it.  He knew I would be anxious and distressed about how it went (regardless of how it actually did go) and he wanted to be the antidote to my inevitable negative review.   I am humbly grateful for his ears, for his thoughtfulness, but most especially for the complete way he knows me better than anyone else.  And knowing me, instead of throwing up his hands in frustration, he eavesdrops.   My heart bursts at his generosity.