52 Blessings: Week 43

Week 43.  (A week late.)

My blessings were many this week.  I was so happy and grateful to be a witness to the tender mercies of the Lord this week, as I traveled to Houston to help my aunt Jill with Quilt Market.  I have an amazing and long-suffering and everlastingly kind husband who happily "held down the fort" while I was gone and even vacuumed for my homecoming. 

But the greatest blessing of my week came quietly on Thursday morning as I was doing Olivia's hair for school.  Ethan has just started reading and was practicing his latest book, A Tiger in My Box.  Savannah sat next to him and helped him sound out the words, one at a time.  As I turned to look at their down turned heads, bent over Ethan's book, I was touched by Savannah's kindness.  I was touched that she is now a good enough reader herself to help her brother and tell him all about "king E" and "sight words" and "what short i sounds like."  But above all of this, there was Ethan's earnest, quiet, hesitating voice, making its way word by word through the book.  Of all the joys of motherhood, this is one of my favorites.  I love watching my children learn the indescribable magic of reading, the world of words.  I was so grateful for this experience one last time.  For the sounding out and the frustration and the wonder when the word finally reveals itself.  It will be over before I know it.  I know this for sure.  Just look at Savannah.