52 Blessings: Week 4

Week 4.


This week my heart is full-to-bursting in gratitude for my calling.  I am so in love with my young women and so grateful for the opportunity to know them, to serve them, and to be blessed by their faith and goodness.   They make me feel like a rockstar, like I'm doing the Lord's work, like faith and testimony make a difference.  It always amazes me how such a heavy burden can make my heart feel so light.  I was called by the bishop to serve as the Young Women's president in our ward the day after we moved into the ward.  He came into my living room, full of boxes, and asked me to serve.  And immediately I knew why...why we came, why my husband pushed me to move, why "this house right now."  I can't describe the absolute joy it gives me to serve, and this week I felt it again, deep and sure, and for this I am so grateful.